Federation of motorcycle sports in sri lanka

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Championing the rich tapestry of motorcycle sports, our organization stands as a catalyst for growth, advocating for safety, skill development, and inclusivity.


FMSSL, the Federation of Motorcycle Sports in Sri Lanka, fuels the nation’s passion for motorcycle sports. Committed to fostering excellence, safety, and camaraderie, we promote diverse disciplines like motocross, road racing, and trial riding, nurturing a vibrant community of enthusiasts and supporting their thrilling endeavors.

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Trial Riding

Precision and balance define trial riding as bikers navigate obstacles with skill, showcasing control and agility.


Road Racing

Adrenaline-fueled speed on tarmac, road racing demands precision, strategy, and nerve from motorcycle enthusiasts.



Unleashing thrilling off-road action, motocross challenges riders with rough terrains and daring aerial maneuvers.